so much reading to be done

One of the first jobs on our to-do list was to start a literature review. We’re adding citations of what we find into our Googledocs online. MPOW’s staff collection of books and journals is right outside my office. One of the staff mercifully weeded the collection recently and all of a sudden I could see shelves worth of journals that I knew would have relevant articles.

I’ve started with Auslib’s APLIS journals and have found two highly relevant papers both from 2008 – one from Vicki Darling (NZ) and the other from Dr Alan Bundy (Australia). The Auslib conference proceedings from that year feature some interesting papers, particularly as they advocate Australia plan for a national year of reading  – so you can see there were results!

I’ve started searching library journal articles through databases. I’ve only just begun though – I did get stuck into the handy print journals first. I’d like to find more in Australian Library Journal. Happy find: more of Paul Brown’s articles on his Best Sellers© readers advisory training. Have you seen Paul’s slideshare from 2011?

If you’ve had an article published on the subject of readers advisory professional practices, I’d love for you to share the link with us.