Daring to explore


Today we spent the day at Auckland City Library. This morning we caught up with Anne Dickson and Jolene West, Libraries Advisors, from the Youth Service Development team. Anne and Jolene discussed their summer reading program ‘Dare to Explore’, and their teen readers advisory program ‘Fuse’. We were lucky to be there when their ‘Dare to explore’ activity packs were delivered, and got to see them first hand. Both programs involve tracking reading, completing challenges and foster relationships between young people and their families, libraries and librarians.


We went to the Auckland Art Gallery for lunch and more chatting, and spent a lot of money in the gallery shop!




This afternoon we spent time with Tosca Waerea, Social Media Extraordinaire! Tosca talked about making social media streams relevant, and the need for staff in these spaces to stop, collaborate and listen. She also discussed readers advisory and the role social media can play in this field.