Beyond the Project

Jo and I have written the project report and submitted it! It was massive, and now we have to condense it, crop it and reconceptualise it for presentation.
Thank you everyone for your support and following online and in person – we’ve thanked some of you individually and others collectively in our report.

Rather than an ending, though, this marks the next step in our journey in readers’ advisory practice. Blogging has been invaluable for us to reflect on what we’ve learned, and as a way of connecting with others also interested in RA – so much so that I’ve started my own RA blog.  Jo and I are continuing our exploration of RA practice with another reading map collaboration with Sally Pewhairangi (this time with two other Queensland librarians).
We also received a generous invitation to participate in a training project.

We have met and been encouraged by many inspirational people throughout this project.
This is for you;  “Reading brings us unknown friends.” — Honoré de Balzac