RA research survey results and other news

Survey winners

If your January was anything like Jo’s and mine, you’ll understand why this post has taken me so long to get to. But enough of that! We appreciate everyone who took the time to complete the RA survey and who passed it on to colleagues to complete.

As promised we have two winners – one from Australia and one from New Zealand. Congratulations Tracey from Victoria and Rachel from New Zealand – your $50 iTunes giftcards (for your respective countries) are on their way to you. Both ladies said that they never win stuff – well their luck has changed! 

After Jo’s very busy time on the organising committee for NLS6, we got together in the same room to work on our research project. We interviewed Catherine Johnson and Ellen Forsyth in the Exhibition Hall at ALIAOnline, we skyped with Vassiliki Veros, got into our survey data analysis, contacted some survey respondents for further information, and discussed contextual readers’ advisory again with Paul Brown and Sally Pewhairangi. We also met with Laidley Library Coordinator Nic Kilah at Gatton Library. As a librarian in a small rural library, Nic asked some good questions of us that helped focus our thinking. Thanks Nic!

Some conference delegates would have seen me in a short film in Lyndelle Gunton’s NLS6 presentation – Practitioner research: Applying research skills in the information profession. As I said thereI highly recommend submitting an application for the next QPLA research scholarship. Research is a reflective practice in which you can learn at least as much as you hope to convey to others.

we work together just not in the same building

Jo and I live and work over 1000 kilometres from each other, but when Jo suggested submitting a joint application for the research scholarship I didn’t hesitate to say yes. The last time I collaborated on a project online was maybe ten years ago at uni and that was torturous. We were studying distance, but I didn’t know the other students and there were varying degrees of commitment to the subject. It was all pre-twitter, pre-interactive online communities. But Jo? We’re old twitter buddies. We both love Elvis. How could this not work?
We email a little. We work on the same documents in googledocs. We share articles on dropbox. We skype regularly. And then we tweet about stuff and chart our journey here on wordpress.
Do you work with someone, just not in the same building? How’s it going for you?